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  • Dallas Restaurant

    The restautant was opened in 2011. The photos and graphics picture the opening state of the unit. The atmosphere created by the neon lights of the American Diners had a great effect on the planning and designing process. The building itself mixes the style of the 20s and 60s USA in a slightly rough and oldschool Texas and Mississipi fashion.

  • Neon lighting 1.

  • Neon lighting 2.

  • Daytime total

  • Main entrance

  • Exterior visualization

  • Dallas Restaurant

    Within the building two sections can be found. On the left side of the entrance there is the Shop, which is a part of the gas station and on the right hand side is the fast food restaurant. The two are divided by an illuminated arc hanging down from the ceiling. As the basis of the food service desk originally we intended to use and old Chevy Pick up, however that conception was changed for a Firecar from 1930 with the Logo of the Dallas Fire Department.

  • Gas station shop visualization

  • Restaurant visualization

  • American firecar replicate from 1930

  • The replicate is not only a part of the design but the food service desk itself as well

  • Hand painted ornament decorations

  • Dallas Restaurant

    Planning and state of the unit before the project execution

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