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  • Muuby's room & blues pub


    Complete interior and exterior architectural and graphical visualization planning, including the design of the logo and the menu card as well. Completion of the painting decoration and the oordination of the whole implenetation and building material acquisition.

  • Roompub

  • Roompub exterior

  • Roompub street front

  • Roompub unique wallpainting design

  • Roompub smooking area

  • Muuby's room & blues pub


    The interior of the pub is created in such a way that the guests can choose between 8 absolutely different room sections, each with different atmosphere and design. That’s where the „Room & Blues Club” name comes from.

  • Room Blues Brothers

  • Room Blues Brothers

  • Bar

  • Bar frontwise

  • Muuby's room & blues pub

    Implementation phase images
  • Rock Pub before the construction works

  • Rock Pub Bar before the construction works

  • Room Cuba before planning

  • Room communist

  • Room pálinka

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