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  • Liszt Ferenc Airport

    Tender Plan
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  • Dallas Restaurant

    The Dallas Restaurant was originally planned to be built on a significally smaller building part with an absolutely different conception plan and different range of dishes as well. The first goal was more like a buffet with a gas station roadshop than a Restaurant

    First Plan
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  • Beach Soccer

    The Hungarian Beach Soccer Forum was organised by the MLSZ in 2013. On the following photos the advertisement stand of the Hungarian Beach Soccer Team can be seen which was used for the event.
    Conception: One could observe the achievements of the team on a TV Screen which could be found in the beach soccer ball shaped logo.

    Hungarian Soccer Forum
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  • Dallas Restaurant Bar

    The bar concept of the restaurant is based on the prohibition era within the U.S. because the bar was intended to serve alcoholic beverages only after 3 p.m. On the drinking menu one could find articles and more information about the prohibition as well as the list of drinks.

    Jack & Coke Bar
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